Tuesday, May 01, 2007

House Proud

Hi, and welcome to Hey, Where's the Tape Measure?, where Betsy and I keep a record of (and running commentary on) our attempts at home improvements. To get an idea of what we're working with, check out the pictures here. This blog has been in our heads for a while now, and we're a little late in getting it started, but I'll try and get you up to speed on some of the projects we've already tackled (or paid to have tackled for us):
  • Replaced stack pipe
  • Replaced sub roof
  • Updated electrical
  • Master bedroom: stripped wallpaper, fixing plaster walls, painting (in progress)
Every so often we'll go back and fill you in on the details of how we went about getting the above items completed, but for now, we'll just forge ahead. Thanks for reading!

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